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StarCraft 2 Officially Announced: “Hell, It’s About Time”

By Evan Ackerman

StarCraft 2

Yes, it’s official: Blizzard Software announced this Saturday that StarCraft 2 is in production (even post-production, maybe?) and is due out… sometime. It will cost… something. And your system needs… some stuff to run it. Okay, so some details are a little bit sketchy, but there’s a lot of gameplay information floating around. If you’re a StarCraft fan, keep reading for more info, including cinematic and gameplay videos after the jump.

StarCraft 2 brings back the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg. The same units are back with some new abilities, and of course there are some badass new units (here are the new Protoss units). From the look of things, there has been the inevitable graphics revamp, but the basic interface (which works well) has been left more or less alone. So basically, it seems as though we’re looking at the same old StarCraft we know and love, updated and expanded for nearly the tenth anniversary of it’s original release. Maybe it’s not a whole new game, but it’s is, after all, hard to improve on one of the best RTS games ever made. Check out the vids:

Cinematic Trailer:

Update: the official gameplay trailer was just posted on the StarCraft 2 website, and of course it’s being mobbed (and it’s a huge HD download). Until I get a copy up, from is a live stage demo of the actual game (gameplay voices in Korean, commentary in English):

Head on over to the official site for more videos, screenshots, and a FAQ.

[ StarCraft 2 Official Site ]


3 responses to “StarCraft 2 Officially Announced: “Hell, It’s About Time””

  1. Earthworm says:

    Guess this will light the fire under the boys at Project Revolution! (doing a full Starcraft Mod off the Warcraft III engine)

  2. starcraft2 says:

    Yeah that very nice… I like the videos, btw check also they got pretty nice informations

  3. TechFresh says:

    I love rpgs…good game!