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Champagne Flute Alcohol Timer Is Way Too Classy

Hour GlassBy Evan Ackerman

Sobering up is a dangerous thing that most of us want to avoid whenever possible. An obvious solution, of course, would be a glass with a timer in it, to let you know exactly when your buzz is about to wear off (which takes about an hour for most people). An hourglass, as it were. Thanks to designer Tim Hulford, this obvious solution is now a (conceptual) reality (isn’t that an oxymoron?).

The hourglass shaped flute with the glowy light timer in the middle is perfect for champagne; when your timer dims after an hour (indicating that your body has metabolized all of the alcohol you’ve just drunk), flip the glass around to restart the timer and fill up the other side. I’ll leave it up to you do decide whether to fill it with champagne or something, ahem, more concentrated (and quite a bit cheaper). And if you do use it for champagne, make sure it’s actually from Champagne, lest you get sued by France.

It’s currently at the concept stage; I’d be the first to toast it’s production.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]