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Wacom Releases The Bamboo

Wacom Bamboo (Images courtesy Unitsoft)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tablets are definitely more popular among graphic artist types but that’s not stopping Wacom from trying to convince PC users to abandon their trusty mouse. Their latest model called the Bamboo (for unknown reasons) is definitely one of their smallest models and it seems to be customized for working in office-type applications like Word 2007 as opposed to something like Photoshop. (Though I’m sure it will still work fine for your occasional artistic endeavor.)

It includes 4 customizable buttons on the top as well as a new touch sensitive wheel that can be used for scrolling in a manner probably not unlike the iPod. And if you’re running Vista gestures called ‘Flicks’ can be used as shortcuts for different functions or launching programs.

The Bamboo should be available this month for about $140. At the moment though it’s only listed on the Wacom Japan website so I’m not really sure if it will be released in North America at some point.

[ Wacom Bamboo ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]