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Foam Radio Features Foam, Radio

By Evan Ackerman

Foam RadioI do enjoy soft and squishy things. I would surround myself with things made of foam if I could. But “radio” doesn’t leap to mind when I think of things I’d like to bounce on, as it apparently did to the designer of the Lexon Foam Radio. This might have been an okay concept, but instead of the radio being completely foam, it’s an aluminum case that’s partially surrounded by a foam covering. That means you can’t chuck it at people without a 1/6 chance of some serious injury. Details are a bit scanty but it looks to feature an AM/FM tuner (!) volume adjustment (!!) and perhaps an on/off switch in addition to the extendable antenna (!!!). Presumably the speakers are in the metal case under the foam, and presumably, they’re nothing special. In addition to what I’m calling “quantum black,” you seem to be able to get it in what looks to be “nerf yellow” or “rabid red.” Cost: $49.

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