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BioLock Fingerprint Deadbolt

BioLock Deadbolt (Image courtesy GoKeyless)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you work in an acid factory with the constant fear of losing your fingerprints this biometric deadbolt is a convenient alternative to a keyed lock. On the back of the curved metal protrusion you’ll find the sensor which will match a swiped fingerprint and unlock the bolt in less than a second.

On the inside of the door you’ll find the control center which is a bit on the bulky side but allows you to register and manage up to 50 different users. There’s also a standard locking knob mounted just below the keypad for inside use. While the BioLock does require 4 AA batteries to operate that should give you a year’s worth of service before they need replacing. And if they do happen to run out the fingerprint memory is preserved and you can still open the deadbolt using the included emergency override keys.

It’s currently available from GoKeyless for $229.

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