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XCM Best Tilt Gives Xbox 360 Controller Some Motion-Sensing Action

xcm best tilt

By David Ponce

Both Nintendo and Sony have motion sensing controllers, so it’s no surprise that Xbox 360 fanboys would get a little envious; who doesn’t want to play games by flailing your arms around? So it’ll be interesting for them to know that Team X-Tender has developed a tilt sensor that comes with an entire replacement shell for the back of your controller. Sure, it involves prying the controller apart and soldering 5 points (which puts it out of reach for many), but once that’s done, a simple on/off switch will activate the add-on. No other configuration is necessary, as it’s a simple plug-and-play (or rather, solder-and-play).

It’s $40 and comes in black or white, depending on your degree of Elite-ness. But keep reading for a video of the device in action, as well as links.

[ Product Announcement Page ] AND [ Purchase here for white and here for black ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]