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Sinking Titanic Lamp

Titanic Lamp (Image courtesy Viable)
By Andrew Liszewski

This Titanic Lamp is pretty much the exact same idea as this Sinking LED Clock I wrote about a few weeks back. Except instead of making it difficult to tell the time this lamp makes it difficult to evenly distribute the light. But I’m pretty sure anyone who wants one will overlook that part.

And unlike the Sinking LED Clock (which wasn’t for sale) this lamp seems much more doable as a DIY project. You’ll probably need a bit more than just a hacksaw and an old lamp but I don’t think it would be that difficult to reproduce one.

But if you’re not the DIY type I’m pretty sure the Titanic lamp is available for sale from Viable since they list it in their online catalog, but I have no idea on pricing.

[ Titanic Lamp ] VIA [ Freshome ]

  • klancy kennedy

    Believe it or not, these lamps would be great in certain tech environments. I run a gaming studio where eight people make their living from playing games. I’ve been thinking of giving them incandescent lighting instead of flourescent because it’s harder on the eyes. The problem is that glare off of computer screens isn’t good either. Lights that are placed at the floor level and don’t illuminate the ceiling too much might be a good solution for me.