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Giant Connect 4

Giant Connect 4 (Image courtesy Masters Games Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

In an attempt to keep kids inactive during the summer months Hasbro has produced this giant-sized version of their popular ‘Connect 4’ game. The game board stands 43 inches tall and is really designed to be used outdoors instead of on the kitchen table. It includes 42 red and yellow disks, enough to fill up every hole on the board and even has a giant pull tab for removing the bottom allowing all the pieces to empty out.

Now to me the whole point of going outside is to enjoy some sort of physical activity you can’t indoors. So why you’d want to spend the afternoon in the backyard playing a giant board game is beyond me.

The Giant Connect 4 is currently available from Masters Games for about $255 but at this time the game can’t be sold in the US or Canada under the Hasbro name due to licensing issues. So when shipped to either of those countries the game is actually rebranded as ‘Up 4 It’.

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