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Virtual Dog-Walking Arcade Game Looks Silly, Sounds Like Some Sort Of Fun

dog walking game

By David Ponce

What you see here is Lisa Katayama (of TokyoMango fame) playing a somewhat outlandish virtual dog-walking arcade game in Japan. You stand on a treadmill, and hold a dog’s leash. The treadmill then starts rolling, and it’s up to you to keep the right pace: too quick and the dog gets tired, too slow and he gets bored. Then, if obstacles show up (say, a careening car, or a bully dog), it’s your job to get out of there, pronto.

According to Lisa (who owns a healthy 4 year old dog) while fun, the game is darn hard: her virtual pooch died within a minute or two.

We’re not sure if this is slated to be the next DDR (can you imagine the reception to this in America?), but it’s an interesting concept anyway.

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