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New York Times Garden Expert

New York Times Garden Expert (Image courtesy Whatever Works)By Andrew Liszewski

Now that Winter is gone forever it’s time for the influx of Spring and Summer related gadgets to start. It seems the gardening community is a particularly easy target for marketing types and that’s why we end up with devices like the New York Times Garden Expert. It’s basically a simple PDA with an LCD screen and a database of over 1,000 gardening related questions and answers assembled from the widely read New York Times gardening column.

A simple set of buttons allows you to peruse or search the knowledge base which covers such enlightening topics as “What flowers attract butterflies?” or “Will poppies bloom in my part of the country?” And the watering can shape ensures this will be a staple of SkyMall and novelty catalogs for years to come.

The Garden Expert is available from Whatever Works for $19.99.

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