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Lucifer – For Storing, Dispensing & Igniting Matches

Lucifer Match Container (Images courtesy Feeladdicted)
By Andrew Liszewski

Usually pyromaniacs are shunned and looked down upon by society but it seems as if there’s at least one designer out there who has a soft spot for them. The Lucifer is an ultra-modern looking match container that goes the extra mile. Turn it upside down and after a little bit of shaking one of the matches will partially come out of the hole on top. This hole is specifically designed so that there’s enough friction on the match head to ignite it as it’s being removed.

A few people have already brought up the possible dangers of a lit match accidentally falling back into the container and igniting the rest of them. But if my grade 5 backyard science experiments taught me anything it’s that this would actually result in a rocket effect allowing you to send the Lucifer and an attached G.I. Joe figure safely to the moon. (At least I assume that’s where Shipwreck ended up.)

Sadly the Lucifer only seems to be a concept at this point but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it available for sale some day.

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