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Resitec Keychain Safely Discharges Static Electricity

Resitec Earthing Static (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

This is one of those rare gadgets that I know I must own as soon as I see it. By holding one end of the ‘Resitec Earthing Static’ keychain and touching the other to a metal object you’ll safely discharge any static electricity you might have unknowingly built up. And by safely I mean without the uncomfortable and usually unexpected static shock. The keychain will also light up momentarily while the electricity is passing through giving you a split second to unlock you car door in the dark.

I think these should be a mandatory giveaway at trade shows or car shows along with the usual logo covered lanyards. Anyone who’s ever spent a few days on a show floor will know the carpets used in the booths and aisles in conjunction with thousands of people brushing past each other is really a dangerous combination.

The ‘Resitec Earthing Static’ keychain is available from for only $14.

[ Resitec Earthing Static ] VIA [ Uber-Review ]


3 responses to “Resitec Keychain Safely Discharges Static Electricity”

  1. Scott says:

    Too Expensive…

  2. Goob says:

    That’s funny because my best friend and I just traded in a truck that everytime I touched the handle getting back into the passenger’s seat the damn door shocked me, it tramatized me because I instantly thought that every door was going to shock me (I am still going through that even without the truck around) but in walmart I always get shocked (touching the cart or the metal display rack)

  3. Chaney says:

    I’m a photographer for various car dealerships in washington state… I want one… NOW!