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Mid-Week Time Waster – Handheld Games Museum

Handheld Games Museum (Images courtesy The Handheld Game Museum)
By Andrew Liszewski

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been a fan of handheld video games. From Nintendo’s classic Game & Watch systems to the hundreds that were produced by Tiger Electronics in the 80’s. Now that the GameBoy, NDS and PSP have taken over the market though these old-school games are hard to come by.

But if you’re up for a little dose of nostalgia, or just want to waste a couple of hours at work I highly recommend checking out the Handheld Games Museum. The site literally has hundreds and hundreds of photos of old-school handheld games and I even managed to find quite a few from my own collection which are included in the shot above.

If you find any games from your own collection please feel free to reminisce about them in the comments.

[ Handheld Games Museum ]