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Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights

Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights (Image courtesy Frontgate)
By Andrew Liszewski

Jellyfish are an impressive creature to watch but from what I’ve heard aren’t that fun to interact with. So if you’ve ever thought about keeping one as a pet this might be a better alternative. These floating pool lights are designed to look somewhat like real jellyfish including the long, dangling tentacles. Except of course these ones aren’t capable of stinging you.

Each one requires 4 AA batteries that are used to power lights inside the dome which will also cause the underwater tentacles to glow thanks to fiber-optic cables. They’re currently available from Frontgate who recommend unleashing a whole flotilla for larger pools “to create a crowd-pleasing effect.” But at $59 each I think most people will be content with only 1 or 2 floating around.

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