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FlyClear To Avoid Long Security Lineups At Airports

flyclearBy David Ponce

Don’t get us wrong, you still have to go through security. It’s only the long lineups that FlyClear promises to help you avoid. Here’s how it works. You pay the company $100 for one year service, and give them a truckload of info about you: figerprints, DOB, address, etc. Once they’ve checked you out (and ruled you’re likely not a terrorist or unstable or something), they will give you this blue card with a chip on it. Once you’ve got that, you present yourself at a Clear line in a participating airport, and you get to skip the whole lineup. You still have to go through X-Ray, but you’ll get there faster than anyone else due to the dedicated line. The company is even working on some technology that if approved by the TSA would allow passengers to keep their shoes and jackets on.

Of course, the problem is that it’s currently only available at very few airports: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG), Indianapolis (IND), New York JFK Terminal 7 (JFK), Orlando (MCO) and San José (SJC), with a few more on the way. And yeah, we know the company’s been around and doing this for some time, but we’re choosing now to talk about it.

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