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Dimitri CD Holder

Dimitri CD Holder (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)By Andrew Liszewski

Forget about the paperless office we’ve been promised. These days I’m more excited for the CD or DVD-less office. While my desk is completely clear of any printouts and the like it’s still covered in random CDs and DVDs in various states of labelling, burning and/or storage. Not only is it usually a pain to find the one I need but sliding against each other all day getting scratched up just brings them closer and closer to an unreadable state.

The Dimitri is a small plastic figure forever posed in an Olympic-esque weightlifting stance. But instead of weights his barbells are designed to hold a random collection of disc-based media. Besides the orange color which is bound to cheer anyone up it also gets your discs off the desk and somewhat organized into one place.

Dimitri is available from Perpetual Kid for only $6.99.

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