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The Floppy – Indoor Use Golfball

The Floppy (Image courtesy Balls Out Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

Where I live the weather outside is still not exactly ideal for a round of golf. But instead of heading to a dome or other indoor driving range now you can practice your short game in the comfort of your own home. The Floppy is designed to replicate the feel and action of a real golf ball but since it’s made with a soft core and woven outer cover it can be safely whacked around the home or office without damaging any property. And because it feels, rolls and spins like a real ball it will help build muscles and develop a proper swing during the off seasons.

I kind of wish these were around when I was a kid since after 2 replaced basement windows my siblings and I were only allowed to hit whiffle-style practice balls in our backyard. Thankfully the idea never occurred to us to play inside.

The Floppy balls are available on the company’s website in either a 3 pack for $10 or a dozen for $35. I’m not really sure why someone would need a dozen of these unless their home was filled with deep water hazards or large areas of rough where the balls could actually be lost.

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