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RFID-Tagged Staples Concept From Swingline

Swingline RFID Tagged Staples (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not surprised that companies like Xerox or Swingline (ACCO) would be apprehensive at embracing the idea of the paperless office. But at the same time they’re not opposed to using advances in technology to better their products either. Case in point this concept stapler from Swingline that will use staples embedded with tiny RFID chips. That way once your hard copy is printed and stapled you’ll be able to track its location in your office no matter what desk it ends up on.

Unfortunately though gone will be the days when you can use the excuse “I didn’t get the memo” since your boss might actually be able to prove you did. The real question I have though is what happens to single sheets which aren’t usually stapled? I guess they’re destined to forever go missing.

[ Popular Science – Never Lose Another Memo ]