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Vintage Vectrex Game Console On eBay

Vectrex Video Game Console (Image courtesy eBay)By Andrew Liszewski

I have to admit I’m a bit surprised to see this old Vectrex console selling for only $299 on eBay. I would have thought they’d be far more valuable to collectors or home arcade enthusiasts. Then again the system doesn’t appear to be in mint condition and I guess since they were mass produced by Milton Bradley they’re probably not that hard to come by.

For those unfamiliar with the Vectrex it was an 8-bit video game console that used vector graphics like seen in many popular arcade games at the time. Other consoles competing with the Vectrex used raster graphics instead. Since its capabilities were pretty limited it also used plastic screen overlays to add color and create the effect of different gaming environments. The overlays also helped reduce the built-in display’s severe flickering problems.

The eBay auction also includes 9 built-in and cartridge based games (including overlays) like Mine Storm, Armor Attack, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Blitz! Action Football.

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