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The Creepy Parasite Charger Reminds You Not To Consume So Much

parasite chargerBy David Ponce

The parasite charger, from Swedish design firm BRDA, was conceived quite some time ago, but damn if it ain’t an idea still worth talking about today. It’s a simple charger, much like the ones that you use to charge all your electronics, excepts it’s covered in a silicone-like material and is purposefully designed to look like a parasite. The reason that it’s covered in silicone is that as long as it’s plugged into the wall, a mechanism inside pulsates, giving the impression that the device is alive, and “feeding” on your electrical bill. Its disturbing kind of creepiness is really to remind you not to consume as much energy, and that chargers should be disconnected when the charging is done. At least, that’s what the designers had in mind.

What we’d like to know is if charger do in fact consume energy when they are not connected to their respective devices. If an electric loop is not closed, will current still flow? We think not, but the idea is still very cool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though this product ever went past the concept/prototype stage, and as it’s been some time since its design, it probably never will be available for purchase.

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