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Spycatcher N95 Phone Is The Ultimate Spying Device


By David Ponce

So this British company’s gone ahead and preloaded some software on a hot-off-the-oven Nokia N95, and decided it was then worth marking up some 300%. Here’s the deal. The pimped out phone is called The Spycatcher, and all it does is allow you to spy on whoever is carrying it. You just give it to your intended target, and The “Interceptor” software that the company loads on the phone will then allow you to keep track of everything about that person. If they call someone, or get a call? You’ll be sent that (presumably over a data connection). If they just talk to someone face to face with the phone in their pocket? No problem, you can activate the built-in mic remotely and listen in. Want to know where they are? The software allows you to find the nearest cell station. Sending or receiving SMS? You’re getting the drift by now. We hope.

It’s about as devious a device as we can conceive, and we’re not even entirely sure it’s legal, but well, there you have it. And yeah, it’s darn expensive to spy on people this way, as this thing’ll ding you wallet a cool $4,250.

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One response to “Spycatcher N95 Phone Is The Ultimate Spying Device”

  1. Mike says:

    Could use it on a significant other πŸ˜€

    Bad idea though :O