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Patent Filed For PDA With Detachable Cellphone

pdacellphone patent.jpg

By David Ponce

Patents are a dime a dozen, and they don’t mean much unless a product is actually made. Of course, that’s only true until the lawsuits start flying, but that’s beside the point here. We’re just trying to put some perspective on the announcement that a patent has been filed for a PDA device that contains a detachable mobile phone portion. This makes perfect sense actually, as PDAs are a dying breed, though they do still have some use. While mobile phones are more popular due to a bunch of reasons (they’re more portable, do about as much as your average PDA, etc), the extra bulk of a PDA device does allow for the cramming of more computing horsepower. Cramming horsepower is always good, so to combine the portability of a cellphone with the potential of the extra computational abilities of a larger PDA seem like a good idea.

Of course, like we said, a patent by itself doesn’t mean much. Especially when it’s filed by one Jay G. Partkh of unknown pedigree. We think the concept itself is a really good idea, though we’re thinking this could be just one example of patent squatting. Now, if ever an actual company decides to make something like this, they’ll have to come talk to Mr. Partkh.

[ Patent Page (PDF) ] VIA [ MobileWhack ]