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Good Versus Evil Foosball Table

Good Versus Evil Foosball Table (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t think of a better way to make a game of foosball more interesting. Forget about playing for bragging rights, this Good Versus Evil table puts some of history’s greatest heroes up against its biggest monsters. The team rosters include characters from the world of fiction and real life and can help finally answer the age old question of whether or not the good guys always win.

Here’s the starting lineup if you’re curious. On the evil side you have Vlad the Impaler, Lucifer, Caligula, Hyde, Pot, Hitler, Amin, Jack the Ripper, Rosa Klebb, Lady Macbeth and The Child Catcher. On the good side you have Santa Claus, Sir Thomas More, Bobby Moore, Jekyll, Christopher Robin, Assisi, Flash Gordon, Mother Teresa, Mary Poppins, God and M.K. Gandhi.

Only 20 of these custom foosball tables were created by The Eleven Forty Company so if you didn’t already get one you’re out of luck. But on the plus side it does mean you saved $28,470.

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