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Gadget Hip & Shoulder Holsters – Not That Kind Of ‘Hip’ Though

Gadget Hip And Shoulder Holsters (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

You know, I’m not entirely sure this isn’t a leftover April Fool’s Day prank from ThinkGeek that somehow went unnoticed. But given the fact that the items are actually available for order (even though they’re out of stock) I guess they must be real. The Gadget Hip and Shoulder Holsters are designed for those times when the amount of gear you have to carry outnumbers your amount of available pockets.

The Shoulder Holster version is made from a “super-stretchy space-age material” that should fit anyone with up to a size 44 chest. While the gadget pockets actually hang on the right side of your body the holster goes over both shoulders to help distribute the weight. And besides those pockets the holster also includes a retractable key lanyard and special channels for running and hiding headphone cables.

The Hip Holster version comes with similar features and is worn like a fanny pack but off to the right side. It also includes a special leg loop to help prevent your gear from bouncing around during more physical activities like running etc. Now I’d say these would be great for the Summer time when you’re not wearing a pocket-filled coat but I don’t think too many people would actually wear these outside without some means to cover them up.

Both holsters are currently available from ThinkGeek with the Hip version selling for $59.99 and the Shoulder version selling for $49.99.

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