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Welcome Once More

If you’re reading this, you’re on the new server, at Media Temple. We’re hoping this will be our new home for a while at least. Impressions anyone? As fast as Bluehost? Any problems? Anything broken?

  • ketyung

    So OhGizmo is on dedicated hosting now?

  • ketyung

    By the way I see the IP address instead of the domain name.

  • liganic

    same here

  • Militantplatypus

    I would love to hear from you when you find a reliable host. I am currently with dreamhost, and my site is down, and the support is down…

  • Matthew

    All seems good except the IP shown in the address bar as mentioned above.

  • sam

    WordPress crapped out for a moment. I refereshed a few times and it came back. Also, the IP address problem only occurs when looking at a post, not on the main page.

  • myoso

    I like it. It’s much faster than any of the old servers.

  • Josh

    SAm: Your wrong. I get the IP on the main page also.

  • david ponce

    Guys, don’t worry, the IP business is just temporary, until the DNS changes have propagated. I’m going to fix that on Monday.

    But guess what? It looks like it might have been a mistake to go with VPS. Seems our tiny little site might be too much to handle on a VPS. Ironically, after speaking with Media Temple tech, they’re telling me I might have been better of taking their cheaper Grid Server (which happens to be shared…).

  • nomadicalloy

    welcome back ohgizmo. I hope this hosting will be good.

  • Anonymous

    It is much faster than the old server