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ADS H.264 USB Hardware Encoder Reviewed. Verdict: Celery Owners Will Love This

By Ian Chiu

iPod video & PSP owners with a Celery (Celeron as it’s known to some) or a Pentium 4 feel the pain when they try to rip their DVDs into H.264 (AVC) format. The process is painfully slow and tedious. This little USB dongle called the ADS Instant Video To Go will put the smile back on their faces. In this review at Everything USB, a Celeron 2.2Ghz (a more than 3 years old Intel CPU) took about nearly 4 hours to complete transcoding of a high bitrate 30 min. MPEG-2 VOB into H.264 640×480. When the hardware accelerator of the ADS dongle kicked in, the time required to finish the same task was just 36 mins, close to the original run time. The improvement is nothing short of breathtaking. However, those without a duo core won’t benefit greatly from this as software encoder is beginning to take advantage of multi-threads. Read on to find out everything about this hardware accelerator and whether it’s worth $64.

[ADS Instant Video To Go H.264 USB Encoder review @ Everything USB]

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