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RC Pirate Ship – Dead Man’s Chest Not Included

RC Pirate Ship (Images courtesy The Green Head)
By Andrew Liszewski

The popularity of pirates these days can pretty much be attributed to the success of the Pirates Of The Caribbean film franchise. So it’s no surprise when items like this remote controlled pirate ship pop-up in an attempt to cash in on the trend. At just over 40 inches in length the ship bucks the other recent trend of miniature RC toys but at the same time it allows for quite a bit of detailing. In fact when not being used the ship includes a stand for displaying it at home.

The fiberglass hull is of course watertight but to sail the ship you need to attach a large running keel to the bottom in order to keep it stable on the open seas. The keel is secured with a couple of easy thumbscrews but the added height means it can’t be sailed in a shallow pond. The ship includes a 2 channel pistol-grip style remote with a range of up to 500 feet and on a full charge you can expect to enjoy up to 6 hours of exploring and pillaging.

But at $329.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer you might need to find an actual treasure chest first.

[ Remote-Controlled Pirate Ship ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

You can also find a video of the pirate ship in action after the jump. Just be aware it’s a commercial that tries hard to sell every single detail as an amazing feature.


5 responses to “RC Pirate Ship – Dead Man’s Chest Not Included”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow… that fellow seems way to happy to have his RC pirate ship. Calm down big guy, you’re not a real pirate, and you can’t actually ride in that thing.

    Hey! Leave little timmys hamster in its cage, and for crying out loud, take that eye patch off him. sicko.

  2. Andrew Liszewski says:

    I completely agree that he seems far too proud and/or excited given all he did was take the ship out of the box. It’s not like this was a model or anything. That’s why I had to include that photo.

  3. Jim says:

    Cheaper at Tower Hobbies, only $275.

  4. ProBassMan334 says:

    I think the Pirate ship is cool becasue i am like ubsessed with ships. but i do agree the guy is a little weird— he sounds like a 3 year old bragging about his new toy

  5. ProBassMan334 says:

    Like i said, i am ubsessed with pirate ships. I take that back, the guy sounds just like all of you fags who play with little toy things that float. Go fuck yourself