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Major League Baseball Themed Funerary Urns

MLB Funerary Urns (Image courtesy Eternal Image)By Andrew Liszewski

The phrase ‘die-hard fan’ kind of takes on a whole new meaning with these funerary urns that are designed with the colors and logos from any of the major league baseball teams. Each urn is made from die-cast aluminum with a clear coat finish and sits on a wooden base shaped like home plate. The top of the urn even includes a clear dome where a favorite collectible baseball from the deceased can be displayed.

While it was great seeing the Tigers defeat the Yankees in the playoffs last year (and then sadly lose the World Series) I don’t think I’d consider myself a big enough fan to warrant one of these. But clearly there is a market for them. The urns are currently available in eight different team designs including the Tigers, the Cardinals, the Braves, the Red Sox, the Cubs, the Dodgers, the Yankees and the Phillies but eventually all the teams in the league will be represented.

The urns will only be available for purchase through a funeral home and cost $699 each. And if cremation doesn’t appeal to you then Eternal Image (the company who makes the urns) will also be selling full-size MLB-themed coffins this fall.

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