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Make Your Soda Pop

By Evan Ackerman

Mentos Geyser TubeIf you’ve been living under a rock (a rock without an internet connection) and haven’t seen what happens when you mix coke and Mentos, it’s pretty dramatic. Basically, all the gas gets pulled out of the soda at once, creating a huge soda foam geyser. The more Mentos you can get into the bottle all at once, the more powerful the geyser becomes. This little toy from makes it nice and easy with a drop tube and remote trigger, allowing you to reach vertical soda volcano heights of up to 30 feet (without getting all sticky in the process). It costs 5 pounds plus shipping which is a little silly since you can do this for free… But with the custom tube and trigger you can point your coke bazooka at some punk and ask him how lucky he feels.

See the Mythbusters video exploring coke and Mentos geysers after the jump. Yeah, you’ve probably seen it before, but that doesn’t make it any less nifty (or any less Kari Byron-y).

[ Mentos Geyser Tube ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]


One response to “Make Your Soda Pop”

  1. Larry says:

    Diet cola. It doesn’t work the same way with regular cola.