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Dot Matrix Tyvek Wallet

Dot Matrix Tyvek Wallet (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid) By Andrew Liszewski

If even a duct tape wallet doesn’t seem geeky enough for your tastes then I have to admit it might be time to seek some professional help. But in the meantime even the most hardcore of geeks would be proud to carry around this Dot Matrix wallet made from Tyvek. The design of course comes from the continuous feed paper typically used in dot matrix printers back in the day complete with spoke holes on the sides (the non-removable type, nice) and the alternating color stripes. And the best part is the numbers printed on the wallet are actually the first 3,000 digits of pi.

Tyvek, the material the wallet’s made from is typically used in house construction and it’s basically a lot like paper but made from plastic fibers instead. It’s flexible and will get softer with wear and tear but at the same time it’s extremely durable and tear resistant. During college I used to work with contractors and the Tyvek sales people actually wore wind-breakers made from the material. Boy am I glad to be out of college.

The Dot Matrix wallet is available from Perpetual Kid for $14.99.

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