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CASIO fx-9860G Slim Graphing Calculator

CASIO fx-9860G Slim Graphic Calculator (Images courtesy CASIO) By Andrew Liszewski

I’m surprised to say that graphing calculators really haven’t come a long way since I last used one. CASIO has just introduced their latest model the fx-9860G which they’re touting as their slimmest model ever and at 7/8″ at its thickest part they’re probably right. It uses a folding clam shell design which means a small form factor when closed but allows for a wide display and keyboard layout when opened.

Other features include a natural display input option whereby equations can be input and viewed just as they are in a text book and PC and projector connectivity VIA a USB connection. By today’s standards the 1.5Mb of built-in flash memory is quite small but when you’re just storing formulas or equations it’s probably more than enough. However isn’t it about time they started including screens with just a bit more resolution? That menu looks just as pixelated as it did on my old graphic calculator from college!

The fx-9860G Slim will be available in June for $99 or at a discounted rate of $91 for educators.

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