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Brilliant Car Safety Billboard – Belt Up!

Belt Up Billboard (Image courtesy CARSCOOP)
By Andrew Liszewski

So you think just because you’ve chosen to sit in the back seat of a car you don’t need to wear a seat belt? Well unless you’re some kind of indestructible superhero there’s really no place or time when you shouldn’t be buckled up while inside a moving vehicle.

And this billboard posted in Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand pretty much sums up what’s going to happen if you’re sitting in the back seat of a car without a seatbelt and the vehicle is involved in an accident. Well it’s not entirely accurate. There are quite a few additional obstacles you’ll be hitting as you leave the vehicle including the front seats and windshield but you should be traveling at a similar velocity.

[ Nifty Billboard: Buckle up even if you’re in the back seat ] VIA [ Autoblog ]