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Brilliant Car Safety Billboard – Belt Up!

Belt Up Billboard (Image courtesy CARSCOOP)
By Andrew Liszewski

So you think just because you’ve chosen to sit in the back seat of a car you don’t need to wear a seat belt? Well unless you’re some kind of indestructible superhero there’s really no place or time when you shouldn’t be buckled up while inside a moving vehicle.

And this billboard posted in Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand pretty much sums up what’s going to happen if you’re sitting in the back seat of a car without a seatbelt and the vehicle is involved in an accident. Well it’s not entirely accurate. There are quite a few additional obstacles you’ll be hitting as you leave the vehicle including the front seats and windshield but you should be traveling at a similar velocity.

[ Nifty Billboard: Buckle up even if you’re in the back seat ] VIA [ Autoblog ]

  • nomadicalloy

    good point. I knew someone who died, not wearing a sit belt in the back sit.

  • matthew erickson

    I agree. I don’t like paying for other peoples dumb mistakes. 2 years after the helmet law was repealed in Florida, the head and neck injuries for motorcycle collisions increased 80 percent. Less than half of those who hold a motorcycle endorsement on their license in Florida have NO health care coverage. Who picks up that tab? In some cases, the less restrictive the government is, the MORE its an infrindgement on my personal freedom, as I define personal freedom in terms of disposable income.