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Beat Blocks – Wood Block Sequencer

Beat Blocks (Image courtesy Jeff Hoefs)
By Andrew Liszewski

As we grow up most of us move onto ‘big person’ toys like gadgets, video games or even cars. But it seems that Jeff Hoefs is still fascinated by the building blocks he enjoyed as a child. So much so that he’s constructed this multi-track drum sequencer that uses specially designed wooden blocks to represent the ‘samples.’

The blocks are laid out in sequence on the interactive board and each block actually has its own sub-sequence identified by the blue tape. Electrical contacts on the board touch contacts on the blocks allowing each one’s sequence to be recognized and played back. The Beat Blocks can even be integrated with MIDI hardware or use MIDI to connect to a computer. And while the prototype shown here only has 4 tracks future versions designed for actual performances will include up to 8.

[ Beat Blocks ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]


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