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FragFX For Stubborn Old School PC Gamers


By David Ponce

The Xboxes and the Wiis, we sure love’ums, but PC gaming is the bees knees, man. Controlling FPS games with a mouse is just so darn precise and quick, we feel like doorknobs when we go to a console. But it doesn’t have to be this way… if you’re a PS3 owner. The FragFX controller combines the best of PC gaming with the necessity of console controllers by adding a mousepad and mouse on the one side, and a normal looking half controller on the other side, which is actually a nunchuck-like device. This gives the controller a 6 axes of movement, much like the Wiimote, with the added precision and speed of mouse aiming.

The FragFX will be out next month for $60, though it’s a wired version. A Bluetooth wireless alternative will come out later this year for $70. And yeah, this seems to be PS3 only at the moment, though we’ll be standing by the company’s door demanding an Xbox version, pronto.

VIA [ SciFi Tech ]


One response to “FragFX For Stubborn Old School PC Gamers”

  1. Alc says:

    Uuh, if you had bothered visiting tyheir web site you would know they have been planning an xbox version for a long time now.. and they allready made it for ps2… ages ago…