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Tomy Aero Soarer Indoor RC Plane

Tomy Aero Soarer (Images courtesy Tomy)
By Andrew Liszewski

When I was a kid RC toys were all the rage but recently I’ve noticed a resurgence in their popularity. Today though everything seems to be a lot smaller than I remember. It first started with the Bit Char-G cars a few years back and recently the Picoo-Z helicopter has become quite popular. Continuing with the trend Tomy has introduced the Aero Soarer which is a fully RC plane that is small enough to be flown in your home or office.

The problem with RC planes in the past was that they required a certain level of speed in order to achieve lift, which meant flying and safely controlling them in a non-gym sized room was impossible. The Aero Soarer though is made from extremely light styrofoam which requires very little thrust to keep it airborn. As a result its relatively slow speed allows it to be flown and easily controlled even in the smallest of spaces. And like most RC toys today the plane’s remote which controls the throttle and steering is also used to charge the craft.

The Aero Soarers are available in a small selection of colors and RC frequencies and can be found at Play-Asia for $19.90.

[ Tomy Aero Soarer Indoor RC Plane ] VIA [ Fareastgizmos ]

I’ve also included a video of the Aero Soarers in flight after the jump.


6 responses to “Tomy Aero Soarer Indoor RC Plane”

  1. Robert says:

    Awsome! I ordered one right away. πŸ™‚

    Let’s just hope it’ll get here (Sweden) in one piece.

  2. Lesha says:

    I buy it and now playing with my cat and plane, but here they ship to long, for one week..

  3. David says:

    Hi I’d like to know where can I get one in USA NY or south america thank u.

  4. Some great news! This model has been picked up and re-branded under Aero-Ace (still called the aero-soarer). The price is $29.95, and it is available hit-or-miss (more miss, I had to go to about 4 stores) at places like Target.

    I don’t think it is very popular yet, though. People don’t “get” it because it isn’t very colorful and and it does have a pathetic flight time. But those of us who know that this is a minor miracle will love it!

  5. Slight correction. The company is “Air Hogs” and this is probably their only plane that doesn’t have the “Aero-Ace” moniker. It is called the “Aerosoar” and it says “fly indoors” on the box. Make sure you don’t get anything else. This is the only indoor plane they sell, the others are for outdoors. (If you see a biplane, though, get it! It is probably being discontinued and is one of the few products they make that really works well. Some of them are pretty bad)

  6. Tomy have now released an indoor RC plane. It weighs next to nothing with it being made from polystyrene and is light enough to fly without much power. The planes controller has 2 functions. The first is the controller for the plane which allows you to increase the throttle which makes the plane go up and decrease to go down, also it allows you to steer the plane. The second function is that it doubles as a charger for the plane