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Mospeng-kun Robot To Dispense Tissue Paper; Slower And More Expensive Than Human Equivalent

mospeng kun By David Ponce

You’d think that the impetus behind our slow walk towards complete robotic annihilation would be fueled by our desire to have stuff done for us more cheaply, and more efficiently. And, of course, you’d be right. This is unless you’re looking at Mospeng-kun, a Japanese worker robot that can be rented and placed at any location you’d want to distribute tissue paper to passersby. Developed by InterRobot Inc. from Japan, the bot’s rental fees start at 100,000 yen ($835) for 5 days, which indeed is much more than a regular human doing the same task would cost. Of course, the human wouldn’t have the same eerie psycho-cartoon smile on its face while it does its job, less his blood be pumped with a fistfull of Prozacs before his shift starts. Additionally, the bot is able to collect and store information about its patrons (something humans are quite bad at), though we’re not sure about this: our Japanese sucks (meaning we don’t speak it).

Sadly, the bot is painfully slow in doing its job. To witness this for yourselves by way of a dandy video, as well as to get the links, keep reading.

[ Company Website (Japanese)] VIA [ PinkTentacle ]


One response to “Mospeng-kun Robot To Dispense Tissue Paper; Slower And More Expensive Than Human Equivalent”

  1. Alex says:

    Heh, they are so godamned slow!