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Ecos Lifelink Is Everything You’ll Ever Need

By Evan Ackerman

Ecos Lifelink

Ecosphere’s Ecos Lifelink is a shipping container that can expand into a self sustaining water purifier and power station. Designed to be set up virtually anywhere, the Lifelink module relies entirely on wind and solar energy to filter up to 30 gallons of water per minute. Excess electricity gets stored in onboard batteries or distributed to the community of nomadic geeks who can inevitably be found adjacent to the Lifelink thanks to it’s integrated wireless satellite internet hotspot. Let’s see… Water, electricity, internet, what else could one possibly ask for? Right, food. Oh wait, I can order pizza with VoIP! “Hi, do you deliver to the middle of nowhere? Sweet!”

Although the Ecos LifeLink is only a scale model at this stage (which is one step above a concept, I suppose), it’s such a beneficial-to-humanity sort of thing that there’s bound to be some funding in there somewhere.

[ Ecos Lifelink ] VIA [ Engadget ]


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