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Toshiba To Launch Cowprint Yogurt Maker

natura yogurt maker

By David Ponce

When we hear the word Toshiba, we usually think high-end electronics. Little did we know they’d get themselves in the business of fermenting milk. Yet, here we have news of the Naturia from none other than Toshiba. It’s a yogurt making machine, though it’s also able to ferment soybeans to make Natto, which popular in Japan. Its temperature settings go from 25? to 50? in 1? increments, which is what is apparently required to make different sorts of yogurts. It has a 1,200ml capacity. We’re not sure on the purpose of the cowprint; perhaps to remind its users of the dairy nature of the products that go in it.

Pricing isn’t clear, nor do we entirely care as this is Japan only, but word is it’ll be available starting April 16th

[ Translated Product Page ] VIA [ Tokyomango ]


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