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JungleCrazy (For Poor Geeks)

By Evan Ackerman

JungleCrazyHere at OhGizmo, we’re unapologetically materialistic. We like cool stuff. We want cool stuff. We must have cool stuff. Only problem is, cool stuff is so darn hard to actually afford. How often do you see the latest awesome gadget bouncing around tech blogs, only to discover the fine print at the bottom, which is usually some flavor of: “owning one of these will set you back three firstborn children.” is a nifty little website that scours for products that are 70% off retail or better, which just about enters the realm of legitimate affordability. For example, JungleCrazy is showing a KingMax Super Stick, rumored to be the world’s smallest USB thumb drive, as available in 1 gig for only $8.90. I also noticed a 1 gig microSD card for $4.43, a universal bluetooth audio transmitter for $31.63, 6000 paper bags for $130.02, and, uh, a heavily discounted anal lube pump as well as some chocolate flavored condoms (a steal at $1.50). But hey, that’s part of the fun! Now, to plan my paper bag fortress…

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