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Fuwarinka Gum Freshens Breath And Body

Fuwarinka Gum (Images courtesy Compact Impact)
By Andrew Liszewski

I have to admit this one is kind of creepy to me. Fuwarinka gum will apparently not only freshen your breath but about an hour later a special aroma component will actually be emitted from your skin as well. The chemicals that make this happen are called Geraniol and Linalool and while they sound like they were cooked up in some 3M laboratory they’re actually both naturally occuring.

The gum is available in 3 different flavors including Fuwarinka Fresh Citrus, Fuwarinka Fruity Rose and Otokokaoru Rose Menthol for Men but I don’t think the flavor you taste correlates to what you smell like an hour later. So now when you offer the office IT guy a piece of gum to solve his breath issues you’ll also be solving his body odor problem too.

A 2-pack of Fuwarinka gum (9 pieces in each pack) is available from Compact Impact for $7.

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One response to “Fuwarinka Gum Freshens Breath And Body”

  1. Joshua says:

    compact impact is a rip-off jlist has the same gum for $1.40 a pack