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SameLane Drive-By Social Networking

By Evan Ackerman

SameLaneThis is one of those terrible ideas that you just know is going to catch on with that certain segment of the population that has nothing better to do than drive around, talking on their cell phones and getting into accidents. SameLane “puts the adventure back into driving” by allowing you to contact other drivers’ cell phones through the SameLane 900 number. Just enter the license plate number of the other vehicle, and if they’ve registered with SameLane, they’ll get your call for the no-so-modest fee of $1.99 per minute.

Don’t worry, you have to have registered with SameLane for people to be able to reach your cell phone through your license plate number. And even if you are registered, you have to option to decline or block any SameLane phone call you receive, and no personal information (like your actual phone number) is exchanged.

Look for a May launch… You’ll know it’s live when you get rear-ended by some yahoo trying to hook up via cell phone with the blonde in the red Miata who just passed you. Oh, and don’t forget that talking on a cell phone while driving is in fact restricted (or illegal) in many states.

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