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Pop Up! Golf Prank

Pop Up! Golf Prank (Image courtesy Bim Bam Banana) By Andrew Liszewski

Walk into any prank or gag store and you’ll come to the realization that golf courses must be some of the most hilarious places on earth. There’s exploding or remote control golf balls, zany club covers and of course the never ending and always funny references to the ’19th hole.’

Adding to the tradition of non-stop hilarity on the greens is the Pop Up! golf prank which appears to be a small spring loaded device that will cause a ball to come shooting back out of a hole after it’s fallen in. Of course you’ll need a clever distraction in order to slip the Pop Up! into the hole without anyone seeing but once it’s there you can be sure your prank will go down in the annals of golf history.

The Pop Up! is available from Bim Bam Banana for $18.

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One response to “Pop Up! Golf Prank”

  1. Mike says:

    Oh my gosh that would hilarious.