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What, Me Archive? – MAD Magazine On DVD

Absolutely MAD Magazine DVD Archive (Image courtest Amazon) By Andrew Liszewski

Normally I wouldn’t have any reason to write about MAD magazine but now that they’ve included the last 50+ years on a DVD archive I feel it’s worth a mention. In fact I was actually surprised to hear the magazine has been in production for over 50 years now. My father used to buy them when I was younger and I still remember laughing at their parodies of popular 80’s sitcoms like Different Strokes and M.A.S.H. even though I was too young to understand half the jokes.

While previous archives have been available on multiple CD-ROMs it meant a lot of disk swapping was in order as you read through the archives. This new version on DVD should be a bit easier to use and includes 600 complete cover to cover issues which equals about 17,500 scanned pages.

The Absolutely MAD archive is available on for $39.99.

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