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Water Bottle Safe Uses Actual Liquid

Water Bottle Safe (Image courtesy Spycatcher) By Andrew Liszewski

Of all the disguised safes I’ve seen I like this one the best cause it goes that extra mile. This time your valuables are protected in what looks like a fairly run of the mill water bottle. Since there are so many brands on the market today no one should really question the non-name-brand label either.

What’s unique here though is that the top and bottom sections of the bottle actually contain a clear liquid that I assume to be water. So if someone were to pick it up they would have less reasons to doubt it being anything other than just a water bottle. The valuables are then stored in a hidden interlocking compartment that is covered up by the bottle’s label. Now of course if someone were to really examine the bottle they’d probably figure out its secret but with only a passing glance no one would be the wiser.

The water bottle safe is available from Spycatcher for just over $40.

[ Water Bottle Safe ]


4 responses to “Water Bottle Safe Uses Actual Liquid”

  1. mcman says:

    As long as the burgler is not thirsty….

  2. SparkBugg says:

    Perhaps the makers should have used a liquid less universally appealing than water, like, say, prune juice. That way, your thirsty guests are less likely to help themselves to a swig and find the hidden cache.

    Also, I can imagine a burglar who fruitlessly ransacks your home looking for the motherload, then eventually gets thirsty because of all his work. He then goes to your fridge for some water before sneaking back out the window, and guess what he finds…

  3. DWP says:

    FYI this is the same thing that Michael Vick was caught with…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would hide my weed in there at concerts .. most venues let you take in a water bottle ..