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Ondine ESS-Tub Electronic Faucets

Ondine ESS-Tub Faucet (Image courtesy Ondine) By Andrew Liszewski

I never take baths for the simple reason that I’m too lazy to deal with the ‘ring around the tub’ issue later on. But if a long soak in the tub is what you need to get started every morning then Ondine’s ESS-Tub electronic faucets can make things even more relaxing.

First off it can automatically fill the tub to a preset level so you can wander off without having to worry about flooding the bathroom. It also features push-button temperature controls which automatically adjust the mix of hot and cold water to ensure your relaxing soak doesn’t start out as a painful scalding. A Re-Fill option can be used to top off the tub with more hot water if it cools down too much mid-soak.

The ESS-Tub system even allows for an optional second control module situated away from the ‘wet space’ so in theory you can run the water and get things ready without even having to get out of bed in the morning.

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