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Animated Table Tennis (AKA Pong) Shirt

Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt (Image courtesy ThinkGeek) By Andrew Liszewski

It’s obvious ThinkGeek has gone out of their way to avoid referring to this as a ‘Pong’ shirt but those trademark lawyers don’t scare me! Like the T-Qualizer this shirt uses an electroluminescent decal on the front that lights up with an animated game of Pong. Sadly it’s not actually playable but by the looks of it you wouldn’t want to take on the computer player anyways since it never seems to miss.

The shirt itself comes in a dark gray color and the animated decal can actually be removed allowing it to be easily washed. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries that should keep the game going for a few hours at least.

A word of caution though. My brother picked up a few of these shirts last time we were in Vegas (as well as the T-Qualizer) and while the effect is pretty cool most of them do not work properly anymore. Even though they were handled with extreme care it only took about 4 or 5 wearings before they started to malfunction.

The animated Pong shirt is currently available from ThinkGeek for $24.99.

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3 responses to “Animated Table Tennis (AKA Pong) Shirt”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Even the picture of it is hypnotizing.

  2. bttv says:

    It's crazy!

  3. Guest says:

    It's crazy!