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Geotag Your Enemies

By Evan Ackerman

ID Sniper

The ID Sniper is a gas operated, semiautomatic rifle that can implant GPS tracking microchips in humans at a range of over 1 kilometer. According to developers, the impact of the GPS projectile is below the noticeable pain threshold (it feels like a tiny mosquito bite), and leaves no visible marks on the skin. The rifle snaps an image of the target through the scope as the shot is fired for later analysis. Now, think… When was the last time you were bitten by a mosquito? Are you sure it was mosquito?

If you’re saying to yourself, ‘this can’t possibly be real,’ then congrats, you’re smarter than a gaggle of Chinese arms dealers. The ID Sniper rifle is in fact completely, totally, utterly fake. It was designed by Jakob Boeskov, who brought it (along with 300 business cards from a fictional Scandinavian arms company) to the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment, where it received “extremely positive responses [and] some very lucrative offers.”

Like many art pieces, the ID Sniper was designed (and in this case, “built”) to make a statement, and it’s pretty clear: Big Brother is watching you. Yes, you. Now, go buy one of these and one of these.

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One response to “Geotag Your Enemies”

  1. W2 says:

    good morning! we laughed about that 3 years ago.