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WallyIsland Luxury Yacht

WallyDesign WallyIsland Luxury Yacht (Image courtesy Wally)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I’d really love to see one of these yachts in person some day, I have my doubts that will ever happen after looking at these concept renders. The whole thing looks to me like a grade 4 drawing assignment where the teacher asks you to design your own boat if you had an unlimited budget. Except of course here the color stays inside the lines.

The WallyIsland which is apparently still under development was designed with the idea of making a luxury yacht that was longer rather than taller in order to fit more amenities. Besides being more stable and cost-effective it also provides for an extremely large deck space. (Just over 10,700 square feet.) The boats will all be custom built of course which means you can configure that deck space any way you’d like. The company suggests such items as a swimming pool, tennis court, a garden with full-size trees or even a helipad. The back of the yacht is almost as spacious but seems to be reserved for storing two smaller sailboats as well as two additional powered boats that can be raised or lowered into the water via a pair of heavy-duty cranes.

Not surprisingly there is no list price for the WallyIsland at this time but I have requested a review unit so please check back later after I’ve had a chance to really put this craft through its paces.

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