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Hangtimer – Dude, How Long Was I Up There?

Hangtimer (Image courtesy DropZone)By Andrew Liszewski

If you fancy yourself an ‘extreme’ athlete but have always wondered just how extreme you actually get then the Hangtimer will at least provide you with some tangible measurement. The carbineer style watch can be clipped to any part of your clothes or gear and uses a built-in tri-axis accelerometer to determine your hang time whether you’re riding your snowboard off a cliff or jumping your BMX bike off a sweet ramp.

Besides the mention of the accelerometer the website is unfortunately a bit vague as to how the device actually works preferring to answer that question in the FAQ with “It’s Rocket Science.” Something tells me though that’s enough of an answer to satisfy their target demographic.

The watch is powered by 2 AAA batteries which means unless the accelerometer is really power hungry it should run for quite a while without needing a new pair. The timer function can recall the last 10 hang times and will also store the best and average times so you can keep track of your progress. The watch also includes time and date functions, a manual stopwatch and a digital thermometer.

The Hangtimer is currently available on the company’s website for $99.

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