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Wrist Theater Watch

By Evan Ackerman

Home Theater Watch

It’s actually called the “Home Theater Watch,” but that’s somewhat of a misnomer, seeing as the screen that this watch features is only an inch and a half in size. Nothing wrong with that, though… It is, after all, a watch. The 2 gigs of onboard memory should handle at least one movie, or the equivalent number of episodes of Invader Zim. The watch hooks up to your computer via USB, and can also play back picture slideshows and audio files.

Although software is included to convert some types of video files (including AVI, WMV, MPEG, and VCD) into watch video format (whatever that is), there’s no information given about battery life. It would be nice, too, if instead of the 2GB of built in memory, there was an SD card slot. Oh well… At $150, I shouldn’t be picky.

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